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Engine and gearbox aside, the Vios has seen very few changes, The car retains the same Keen Look, first introduced in 2013, inspired by the 86 sports car. As such, the slim headlights and upper grille, the large downturned lower grille and swept-back tail lights joined together by bar above the rear number plate are entirely unchanged.

What has been changed is the choice of bodykits on offer. The range-topping TRD Sportivo model remains, but now sports a new, more intricate front spoiler, with silver trim on the lower lip. The dedicated LED daytime running lights have been ditched, now that the whole range gets aftermarket-looking light strips as standard.

Elsewhere, the rear skirt has also been redesigned, with the same silver trim as the front. Also new is a black front grille trim (the rear number plate garnish retains the existing smoked chrome finish), while the rear lip spoiler is now body colour instead of grey; the side decals have also been removed. New eight-spoke, two-tone 15-inch alloy wheels (the same diameter as before) complete the look.

The inside sees even fewer changes. Practically everything here has been carried over from before, from the dashboard design with the high-mounted head unit and faux stitching to the slightly flattened steering wheel rim at the bottom.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been any revisions made at all – keyless entry has been made standard equipment since last year, as has front footwell illumination (amber on the TRD Sportivo, blue on other models) and a black interior (the mid-range G variant previously had a beige colour scheme). The Toyota Premium Security and Solar Film window tint is now also fitted to the G model and up.

The 2016 revamp throws in new leather upholstery for the TRD Sportivo (ditching the outgoing model’s red bolster trim), while black and saddle tan leather has been introduced on the GX – the latter June not be to everyone’s tastes. The former also gets new carbon fibre-effect trim (replacing the previous piano black finish), while the latter gains a hairline brushed metal look to the decorative trim panels.

The DVD-AVX infotainment system with 6.1-inch touchscreen and a reverse camera is now fitted on the E variant and above, while a DVD-AVN navigation system with a 7.0 inch screen, voice recognition and smartphone screen mirroring is an optional extra.

The latter unit, fitted to the test cars, is a little difficult to view under sunlight, and can be slow to respond at times; otherwise it works fairly intuitively.




Details and spec

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Ratings and reviews

Fuel Efficiency80%
Value for Money60%
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,500 km/month
-Build quality is typical Toyota. Sturdy but don't expect every car is the same.
-Good exterior looks. Installed GX bodykit. Balanced body proportion.
-LED strip is love it or hate it. Me? Wish I can remove it.
-Interior is OK with plenty of hard plastics. OK centre head unit. OK speakers
-Nice big meters. Easy readability. Most controls are within reach.
-Seats are comfortable enough. Rear seats too and plenty of room at the back.
-Performance is good. Power is at midrange (2k rpm and above). Easy overtaking.
-Gearbox CVT is good. At midrange rev level not too noisy.
-Suspension is soft. Good for relaxed driving. Still good in highways.
-Good steering in low and medium speeds and on straight roads.
-Big boot but I don't really stuff it full.
-Good safety feature with stability control, finally.
-Fuel efficiency is good with the CVT but I don't care much coz this car is driven leisurely.
-Servicing is OK in terms of cost and time required.
-Stock rims kinda bland in style.
-Wish side mirrors can be auto-fold as standard like Axia but no.
-Weird-looking engine cover.
-Driver seat looks funny from behind if jacked up to the max. Toyota Junebe can limit this coz the car is already high in ground clearance. Good drivability but not good for stability. Dangerous.
-Door armrests all hard plastic. Feels cheap and uncomfortable to rest you hand on.
-Engine June struggle if car is fully loaded. I mean like really struggle. Junebe the CVT. The old Vios gearbox is not bad when fully loaded. Rubber-band feel is there if pedal-to-the-metal.
-Suspension setup is comfort-biased so it doesn't inspire confidence in corners. Numb steering doesn't help either. Well it is a city car, not weekend corner sweeper.
-Lastly that super bright rear fog lamps. Even brighter than the rear red lights. I think one is sufficient like the new Saga.
To improve
-All the cons, yes.
-Obviously, price. Not exactly cheap with the offered features.
-Also a point to ponder, suddenly stability control is standard on all variant. When introduced back in 2014, the feature isn't even given as an option. At least City did it. Why a car designed with VSC in mind didn't even have it fitted? Even TRD Sportivo variant couldn't have it before. What are you thinking, UMW Toyota? Selling cars with less safety feature when you could have it all installed. Plus, there isn't much price difference against the old Vios, variant-to-variant. That means the VSC system isn't too costly to fit. So yeah, what are you thinking, UMW?

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