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The World's Finest Road Trips


If you were to google search “five roads to drive before you die”, you’d probably be thrown a series of lists that all feature the same ‘stock selections’. Granted, a few of them would deserve a place on any list due to the sheer ridiculousness of them, or the beauty you’d encounter as you slalom your way through the curves and bends. This list, however, will hopefully throw a few surprises your way!

1. El Camino de la Muerte, Bolivia

One road that surely features on every list, and should not come as a surprise is “El Camino de la Muerte”, or more affectionately known as “The Road of Death”. Officially known as the Yungas Road in Bolivia, it’s believed that on average, the road claims between 250-300 lives per year. Despite offering beautiful views of the Bolivian rainforest, and little villages that are dotted along the foothills, another common site is makeshift crosses, stuck into the ground as a remembrance to vehicles that have veered off route, with the passengers contained falling to near certain death.

2. E11 Highway, Dubai, UAE

Perhaps a less predictable feature on this list is the E11 Highway in Dubai, UAE. Known also as Sheikh Zayed Road, it serves as the main ‘artery’ leading into, and out of the city, and stretches from neighboring emirate, Abu Dhabi, to the northernmost Emirate in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah on the border of Oman. As you drive along this 16 Laned mega highway, you’ll witness countless skyscrapers to either side. Obviously, Dubai being the type of city it is, you’ll also witness a plethora of super/hypercars. SLR Mercedes police cars, P1’s and 918’s to name a few. Unlike many other roads that feature, the thought of one day driving this road is not incredibly unrealistic.

Not yet technically completed, the IMT Trilateral highway that will eventually link India, Myanmar, and Thailand (I.M.T) is due for completion in early 2019. However, 60% of this road is already complete so it is possible to drive it. The thought of being on one end of the road, and knowing that you could drive the just over 1,300km and be in an entirely different country is incredibly exciting. The cultural difference driving from Thailand to India, and the sights you’d see along the way give this road the place it deserves on any list, if not now, than in three years’ time. 

3. Ponchartrain Causeway, Louisiana, USA

Imagine being on the longest overwater bridge in the world, and heading into New Orleans at the same time. The Ponchartrain Causeway is just under 39km, and while that’s quite a small number compared to Number two and three on this list, remember, it’s a bridge! Some points of this causeway do have little off roads where you can fill up gas, in the middle of the swamp lands that Louisiana is famous for. Beware though. Normal filling stations feature the usual “no smoking, no cellphones, and no naked flames” signs… these stations feature slightly more intimidating ones... “Beware of stalking Crocodiles”


4. The Autobahn, Germany

The Autobahn, how could it not feature on any list? The Autobahn, so it seems, has lost a bit of fame in recent years. With the availability of track day packages for owners of supercars to push their machines to the limits on the famous sweeping curves and long straights of tracks that are usually visited by Formula One drivers, it’s no wonder. But the Romanticism is something that can never be taken away from the Autobahn. The thought that whatever your car is capable of doing, can be done on a road open to the public, and the police can’t do anything about it. However, seeing as the road is open to anyone, and stupid bus drivers, it’s probably slightly more dangerous than a track too, which all adds to the appeal, of course!

Hopefully these roads give you a few exhilarating trips to add to your bucket list. Happy driving!

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